Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Renovations…Day 3

Well I have no pictures to show you today because I had no subcontractors show up. It is already 3:30pm and the subs that were expected today not only didn’t come, but didn’t contact the contractor either so when I called him at 12:30 to tell him I was leaving and no one was around to open the door he was mad. I was really looking forward to getting the drywall started and seeing how the fireplace was going to be framed out.

Not only did they not show but have you EVER TRIED TO CORRAL CATS? I mean, this isn’t an easy task with seven rather well behaved cats who are used to having full fun of the entire house but are being shoved into one room together day after day. This morning I was able to catch 6 of the cats into my room before I realized how this activity was affecting them. My well behaved-litter trained cats were showing their displeasure by turning my house into a litter box!! Not FUNNY!!!

I ended up letting the cats out of the room and told the contractor (John) that they were no longer going to be locked out of their house and I was not going to be happy if they were let out. I left at 12:30 to go have a GREAT lunch with one of my sisters and made it home around 2:30. I got a message on my phone from John letting me know how sorry he was that his subs weren’t going to make it today….it isn’t how he does business…thank you for being so patient…etc. It was a nice message and I am glad that we were all friends before this work started and I really want to remain friends after it is done.

So…now I am tired (I got up early because…yeah), didn’t take a shower cause I woke up late, and crabby. Tomorrow is gonna be better, right?

Oh, and because I can’t stand not seeing a picture, you get this:


Since I couldn’t find a picture of the fireplace that I wanted, I showed the contractor these four and he is going to make a custom fireplace face from these.

This type of top with the columns over the mantle

fireplace_from_napoleon.45115018_stdThis mantle. I want something with this much weight and presence. Before the fireplace looked a little like an afterthought..not a focal point.

Then this wooden face with the more arched look. I do love the fact that Carmen can look at all of these pictures and come up with something a little original but more to the character of the house.


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