Saturday, February 28, 2009


I finally sat down and spent some time figuring out what I am doing on the computer, blogger and all of the different gadgets I can get into while I am exploring digital scrapping. I love the slideshow that is my new gadget at the bottom of my page. That is where my new layouts will make their appearance for the most part since I hate the look of my blog that is just page after page of layouts.

My creative juices are flowing again and I have done quite a few layouts within the last few days. One of my favorite challenges came from Amy at Aubrey’s Mom Designs when she asked if I could do Quick Pages with her Star Bright Kit within a few hours so she could post them to her blog. I gave her 3 which you can get at her blog as well as this kit which she is giving away for free. After that I was so inspired I did another two that you can collect here.

Collect QP HERE
Collect the QP HERE

Feel free to leave me a comment or two since this is my first time for using 4shared.

Here are the pages you can get at Amy's blog: (without the pictures of my adorable nieces that is)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, I have been in a bit of a creative slump lately and it has made me unwilling to spend time scrapping. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am spending more time sorting my supplies than using them. My future daughter in law came over to have me help her scrap and it got me thinking, and realizing that my kits are impossible to find and credits were difficult at best unless they were my CT kits. I have spent the last two weeks fixing this and finally did my first layout in weeks. Here you go, nothing extraordinary, but I love the subject matter.

Credits: Background Paper: It's a Man Thing by Scrappyweiss
Embellishments: Bel Vidotti Scrap - Teen Style
Alpha: Craft Alpha by Akizo
Template: LJD Template 65
Font: Pea Alicia

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Busy

I have been so busy lately with all things life related that I haven't had the time to post my newest layouts. There are several that "I'm not allowed to post" states my eldest but I will be able to soon. :)

I think my favorite "me" layout has to be the one that I did with Chic-Chick by Aubrey's Mom Designs. She has her new store online now and it is growing quickly. You can find it here. (YES, I finally figured out how to hyperlink!!!!)

Credits: Chic-Chick by Aubrey's Mom's Designs, font: Pea Lazy Lucinda

I have found myself hit with the Valentine's Day bug and have been rounding up pictures of Josh and Liz. There are so many, and her favorite subject is of them kissing...and kissing...and kissing. I have tried very hard not to make just a montage of kissing pictures to put on her facebook but I am not sure she would mind that. I don't think I was quite that bold when I was her age.

Credits: Winter Treasure QP 4 by Akizo

Credits: Winter Treasure QP 5 by Akizo

Another kit that I have been having fun with is Paisley Passion by Deb Ozark which can be found by following her link. I have only finished one page so far but I think it is the cutest! Of course, my opinion has a lot to do with my two nieces and their first introduction to one another.

My other Creative Team duty lies with Digi Scrap Station and I found so many cute things in the store that I have to share.

My designer of choice for this month is Late Night Scraps and I have picked up both Black Tie Affair and Christmas Cookies. Here are the Christmas Cookie Layouts and I will post the other after Valentine's Day.

Happy Scrapping,