Monday, January 18, 2010



This year (all 18 days of it) my mind has been taken to the word TRADITIONS.  I have spent a lot of time looking at the traditions and wondered such things as:

- why does my family have to have Thanksgiving at my mom’s house?

-why does our family celebrate Christmas on the 24th every year instead of the 25th?

- why do I always take down the Christmas tree on the 7th of January?

- why do we always stay at home on New Years Eve just to watch the ball drop?

One of my “get organized” goals this year is to spend time daily tooking at my pictures and come up with scrapbook stories. (This is a hint for the upcoming series of kit coming 2/15 if you are looking for one). To that end, I put together this template and page to show off just one of our many traditions that we need to know why do we…


You can find the template HERE

Disney World!!

We are going to Disney World!!!  I am so excited.  Disney is one of those places I have never visited and Wayne and I keep talking about it but it never seems to happen.  We keep doing expensive things around our house like changing the tile in the house, repainting, renovating or getting new furniture or appliances and we just couldn’t justify the expense.  Well, this one fell into our laps just like the Alaska trip a few years ago.

Saturday night we went to Wayne’s company’s anniversary party and enjoyed fine food, wine and company…and lots of raffle prizes.  We won our first prize, a 10 Megapixel Nikon CoolPix camera pretty early in the evening and I have to say, I was happy, especially since my little point and click has not been as accurate as it used to be.  The evening progressed and the “Grand Prize Drawing” was at 10:45 and to be honest we were ready to go about an hour earlier since we had to be at church by 7am to set up for service.  Well a long drawn out, drama filled drawing took place and by the end we were the proud winners of 2 round trip airplane tickets anywhere in the continental US, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Central America.  We kicked around the idea of a Panama cruise for 28 days, New York state and all points east, and Key West Florida but DISNEY WON!!!! 

Now Wayne is just shaking his head at me as I plan a trip for adults only in the family fun capital of Florida…and we are not going to be there until after Thanksgiving.  Is it Thanksgiving yet????? 

Monday, January 11, 2010


Do you ever have that goal that you really want to accomplish but it seems like every time you sit down to work on it something else comes up?  That has been the way it has been with this blog recently.  I sit down to work on it, even write up little bits and pieces of my life and the phone rings, or the kid needs something, or it is time to do this or that.  I am so far behind that I will probably make up my postings over the next few weeks but I wanted to say, “I got my mojo back and am designing again”.  My good friend Tammy, of The Polka Dot Chicks, and I are working on a collaborative project that is scheduled to go on all year.  I am so excited and have already created so much for it.  It will be for sale in about 3 stores in February but there will be freebies and previews and just general hype as we go along.  I can’t wait.

To my friends who have continued to contact me to make sure that I am alright and still kicking, thank you.  To those of you who have watched the time slip by like I have, I hope we have a great time catching up and moving forward.