Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Renovation Days 8 – 9

Tuesday, May 11 – Day 8

It really is hard to blog about a day where a lot got done but nothing VISIBLE happens you know. Yesterday Carmen put up the scaffolding in the livingroom, covered all the furniture with plastic and spent the day sanding all of the plaster he had been putting on the new drywall and touching up anything he missed.


I will honestly be so glad when this is done and I get my house CLEAN. Do you see that carpet? I am glad that I am getting new hardwood floors cause there is no rescuing this mess.

The only piece of VISIBLE fixing that got done was…..well LOOK





no more hole in the ceiling!! Yippie

Osley, the worker-bee carpenter, spent most of the day outside cutting and cutting but really no building.

Before Carmen left, he and Ben moved the love seat and ottoman into the office so that Wayne wouldn’t decapitate himself on the scaffolding in the morning.

Wednesday, May 12 – Day 9

Today all the woodwork was caulked, walls textured and everything ready to be painted starting tomorrow. For some reason, I just didn’t do a lot of taking pictures today. I have been organizing my office and getting ready to start another semester at school.

Here is what I do have though.

The molding is caulked and primed. It is ready to paint whenever he is ready.


Here is the fireplace. I love how it is slowly getting more and more detailed as the days go on.

IMG_3420 IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423

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