Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Renovation…but Everything Else

I am going to assume that anyone who knows me or has read my blog realizes that I am not a BAD blogger, just an inconsistent one.  This is the reason that I have chosen not to get involved with such long term tasks as Projects 365 and/or 52 and just treat each day as if it was its own individual project :) It isn’t even like I haven’t been taking pictures, watching progress, living my life or doing memorable things…I am just horrible at documenting them.  Then there is the horrible feeling when I haven’t documented all of my drama, “should I go back and blog about it?  Should I just do the scrapbook pages and move on? or should I just assume that no one really cares and go from here?”  (I started to put the renovation post with this one but geez this one got long)

Of course, since I actually blog for the same reason that I scrapbook – For me, if you are wondering,  I decided that it is perfectly acceptable to blog what I want and be content if I am the only person who ever reads it.  Sounds reasonable, right?  If you decide to come along for the ride, I just pray that something I say or show you blesses you in some small way and just brings a smile to your face.

April 30 – Celtic Woman Concert.


Ok, even I can’t believe that it has been nearly two weeks since I saw this simply AMAZING group of women make the most joyful noise EVER.  It was truly an awesome experience. 

And I have to mention that I have just the PERFECT hubby in the world.  We got 18th row tickets because I was watching the PBS special and while I thought I was being reasonably well behaved, I was apparently sending off “ohhhh can I Pppppplllleeeaase” vibes and when PBS said “if you spend $X for the telethon you can get tickets” Wayne looked at me and just said, “you are going to call right?”  Well what was I going to say, NO???  Are you kidding me???  I called during the very next commercial (no sense missing the show, right?)

So the night of the concert we decided to eat at home and make it to the concert early and I knew that we were in the 18th row…but WE WERE IN THE 18TH ROW…ON THE FLOOR…AND WE WERE SO CLOSE WE COULD SEE EVERYTHING. Yeah, I was excited.  There was absolutely no camera/recording activity allowed so I had to make due with buying the program and downloading pictures from the web for my scrapbook – which of course are actually closer looks so I am not going to complain.  And of course, I have been listening to everyone of their cd’s for the last two weeks just to keep that joy from disappearing. 

Esther – Start Date: April 19 – End Date: July 10


One of the things that I said to myself is that I was NEVER EVER EVER going to stand in front of a group and talk.  Ummmmm, for any of you who have ever had the privilege of being in a class taught by Beth Moore, she has a saying that has stuck with me in the years since I have heard it, “If you don’t get down on your knees, God will cut them out from under you”.  I know that it isn’t exactly humble to tell the Lord what you will and won’t do.  Of course, God likes a good laugh like the rest of us, but I felt my knees give and I am leading a bible study.  Thankfully, I am really just “facilitating” a study that I didn’t write but that doesn’t mean that that isn’t in the cards in the future.  I am trying not to make the same mistake again, you know what I mean?  So this wonderful group of women and I get to spend time together, growing deeper relationship with each other AND with our Father.  Talk about a Win/Win.

May 9 – Mother’s Day


Ours was not the typical Mother’s Day (yes, I know this surprises you, right?)  Jefferson got baptized (or dipped as we jokingly call it) and we all met for the family event.  Ok – technically WE (the immediate hubby, son and I part of the family went to Dad’s old church first cause we weren’t told the that venue had changed but we made it to the other one on time cause my hubby can SPEED when he sets his mind to it and all was good – not even any hard feelings which is important to note). 


Then off to Christine’s for dinner – yummy fajitas


     Kids playing outside before food was served




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