Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feeling Creative

  I swear it seems like years since I last scrapped anything…I just couldn’t seem to find my motivation.  (Yikes I sound like some drag queen actor don’t I?)  I just felt like I needed to put some things down in my scrapbook – especially since I have been putting more time and effort into my blog.

Here is what I have accomplished!!



ride-SWM_Template48 ride-2-SWM_Template48

Signs-of-Spring-TDD_TDF14_1-a Signs-of-Spring-TDD_TDF14_1-b Signs-of-Spring-TDD_TDF14_1 Gruene 2010 Yin_template 157 Page 1 Gruene 2010 Yin_template 157 Page 2 Gruene 2010 Yin_template 157

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