Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disney busy

I can’t tell you how happy I am with kits by Captivated Vision, Melissa Bennett, Brittish Designs, Eva Kipler, Julie Billingsly, Traci Reed and other brilliant designers who have made this book work together so well.  Also C. Schneider and Yin who made templates so there is some sort of a consistent feel.  Soon I will add links to all of my Disney pages so that you will get the complete credits however I am finally updating my online gallery with that information.  I can’t wait to share that with you…these women are SOOO very talented and they deserve all my thanks and more.

As you will see…I have been busy (of course my house isn’t clean but hubby hasn’t said anything yet LOL)  Also if you see something repeated, it is probably because I tweaked or fixed it.

Downtown Disney 1

Downtown Disney 2

Downtown Disney 1Downtown Disney 2

Sharing Secrets with Santacschneider-templates97-page2

Sharing Secrets with Santacschneider-templates97-page2Ridemakers ARidemakers BRidemakers ARidemakers Beverything-web3Liberty SquareLiberty Square bLiberty SquareLiberty Square bpinochio chaig_365_template12pooh and Tiggerprincessestangledprincessestangledsmall world 1small world 2small world 1small world 2Yin template 200 doubled Block Party AYin template 200 doubled Block Party BYin template 200 doubled Block Party AYin template 200 doubled Block Party B

And before you mention it…yes, I am inconsistent with my journaling BUT everything I have scrapped I have safely in my journal to add to the journaling blocks.  I know, you were worried Winking smile

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disney Book–To Date

I have so many pages yet to complete, but here is the start.

01_home page CNewman_09_December copy02_planning04_Day 105_Sharing Secrets with SantaDowntown Disney 1Downtown Disney 2Day 2first glancepinochio chaig_365_template12Main Street Electrical Parade aMain Street Electrical Parade bChristmas Parade 1Christmas Parade 2Christmas Parade 3Christmas Parade 4Day 3miko rebeccatemplateLion King Page 1Lion King Page 2Finding Nemo 1Finding Nemo 2Disney Transportationepcot character spotMickey Mouse cschneider-templates-freebie4