Friday, May 21, 2010

Renovation Update

It isn’t that I am being a bad blogger, I promise, it is just that things around here had been as exciting as watching paint dry – LITERALLY for about a week.

Carmen has been working on mostly the white paint up until yesterday when there was finally color put on the wall. That being said, the ceilings look nice and crisp, the arches pop and the window trim is gorgeous – provided we find no more paw prints in the wet paint. <grin>


The color that we added to the new “library” actually is more of a semi-gloss than a satin and has more blue than the “baby puke green” that I chose before. My bff Terry came in in 2007 while we were in Alaska and painted for me as a surprise. I just wished I had chosen a better color. I think I did this time.



The original artwork that I picked for this room is actually too small and too floral. This metalwork is what I had picked for the living room and with the new mantle isn’t right either so it is being repurposed. I love the colors and it is going to work really well I think. Add the drapes and the rest of the furniture (and of course the hardwood floors) and this is going to be the perfect conversation area / library / quiet time space. Really, I can’t wait to sit in here and just commune.

Last night Wayne and I curled up in here (cause wait til you see the actual living room – not a seat to be used) and just played catch up from the last few days. Things have been super busy with him at work and between the construction and school, things at home aren’t much better. Of course, I did get to go play on Wednesday. Terry and I went off to a day spa for the day and I came back pampered and much more relaxed. Wayne liked it cause I came back happier which of course worked better for him. Apparently I have been a bit of a bear :)

Ok, enough dallying, let’s get back to the important stuff – the progress:

Yesterday, I ended up with all three sets of subcontractors in at some point in the day which led to a lot of progress. Carmen with the paint (above), Richard the electrician and Eli came back to work on the carpentry.


Richard and his son were playing on the scaffolding in order to put in the new lights in the living room. We were tired of relying on just the ceiling fan for all sources of light – or using the lamps which weren’t all that effective either. This way we have a lot more option as the new lighting will be on dimmer switches for wider use. They also put the ceiling fan on a dimmer and a remote (hopefully one that we don’t lose regularly like the TV one). We checked it out last night and should work really well for lowering the lights during movies (which I like) without turning them off (which Ben likes).

Look, there is another hole in my ceiling!! At least Wayne didn’t fall through to make this one.



Does Tink seriously think that the coil of wire is going to jump up and bite her? The cats are as done with this construction as I am. There are too many people in their house who bring in too much noisy stuff and junk. I know the feeling. :)


But…the results are awesome – 4 new lights


Eli has been spending quite a bit of time with the woodwork part of the construction and Carmen finished the drywall last night so that Eli could come back and work on the columns between the living room and breakfast area.


IMG_3454 IMG_3456


This one is more complete than it’s twin but Eli ran out of molding. He tried to put crown on the top but it was just too much so he has to shop for something a little different to make the same dramatic statement.

I have learned something from remodeling though, and truthfully I am still learning. I am being taught patience and grace. There have been so many times during this ordeal that I have just wanted to move to Zimbabwe until this “three week plus touchup” project is done, especially since today is the end of week 3 and the list of things left to do is as long as the things already done. There have been times that I wanted to just yell at the people around me for things like leaving the door open or throwing sawdust all over my house. Believe me, these are things that are irritating and have been addressed but the good Lord has given me the wisdom to know that I am not the one who needs to address these issues with the contractor as God gave me a good and patient hubby who is much more politically correct than I am. What the Lord has given me is peace. Peace to know that when it is over it is all going to be good. Peace to know that these are men…fallible as all man and working hard to do the right thing. And Peace to know that I am not in control of any of my life, and the wisdom to know the difference.

It is going to take another three weeks…God be PRAISED!!

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