Thursday, December 23, 2010

Forever…and new layouts

I know it feels like I have been away from my blog for forever and I wish I had some great exotic secret to share, but I have just been busy.  Of course, two weeks of my silence was because I was visiting the mouse at Disney Smile Which I absolutely loved.  I will be posting pictures of that in the next few weeks as I work to finish my scrapbook.  Since my vacation book from three years ago is still “almost done” and in the project bin, I am determined to finish this one before June.

I have done a few pages since being back that I can’t wait to share with you.

home page CNewman_09_December copy

Good Shoes 4 X 6 TEMPLATEPedometer 4 X 6 TEMPLATE


started with a party 2

And this year’s Christmas page is already done.  I have no idea how that happened already

christmas without

…maybe it was because I didn’t decorate Winking smile