Thursday, April 22, 2010

NEW Life’s Everyday Moments and a Freebie

Before I get to the goodies, I have good news on the home front…we signed the contract with the contractor and will be starting our home remodel and termite repair before the end of the month.  Another positive is that with the exception of the crown molding the powder room is done and usable!!  Let me tell you, that is a beautiful thing.

 Tammy and I have been insanely busy adding more to the store AND to the color profile so be ready for another group of items that tie into this whole idea of scrapping life’s everyday moments, as well as the special things that come as we do this crazy thing called living.  You just know you are going to see renovation layouts soon :)

Here are the newest additions to Life’s Everyday Moments:


Autumn Wedding:

This kit was requested by one of our blog friends, MaryAnn who requested a fall wedding kit for her niece who is going to be married later in the fall.  Tammy and I combined our styles and have a funky AND classic kit for your enjoyment.

$8.00 for 34 papers and 70 elements (we got a bit carried away)

Digital Scrap Ink / Divine Digital

BMD dsi_packaging copy Autumn Wedding 2010 copy


Vintage Baby

$2.00 for full Upper/Lower/Numbers and Symbols


Baby Boy/Girl Add On:

$3.50 for 8 papers and 12 Elements

BMD dsi_packaging copy Baby Boy and Girl Addon 2010 copy

Charming Birthday Add On:

$3 for 7 papers, 12 elements and 1 quickpage


And on the the freebie:  I was going to do something different but I really loved the idea of this “with this ring” frame where the photo of the groom goes in one circle and bride in the other.  Of course, I would love to see what you came up with if you use it.

Also as an added bonus, Tammy is giving away something on her blog as well, go here to pick it up.

Autumn Wedding Frame Freebie

Available HERE

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well I can tell from my lack of blogging that that things have either been extremely boring around here or just too busy.  Care to guess which is true????

Grab a cup of whatever, sit back and let me tell you a tale.

On a positive note – I FINALLY got my Associates Degree…2 schools and 4 years in the making but I finally have achieved something.  When I left my job about 4 years ago I sure wasn’t thinking that I was going to be doing this this long, or be unemployed this long.  I figured a year for my kids to shape up…ummm NO, maybe two years at the most.  FOUR and my eldest, eventhough he is as college still gets into more trouble than any 3 people I know….but I digress.  I am still in college though, working on my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice (I should be writing a paper right now by the way but you see that isn’t happening) and will end up with a Humanities certificate as well which is good for Social Work.  Add that to the Paralegal education and I can deal with kids both before and after they have to see the judge.

On the lemonade side of life (yeah right) I get to have my house remodeled.  This is what my office now looks like:



Yeah, I was getting ready to go paint the walls and this room would be done, really that was all that was left to do.  Finally got the mess cleaned up, looked at the wall and there was a HUGE termite nest stuck to the drywall.  You know how men have selective hearing and if you ask them to take out the trash they don’t hear you?  Well say, “Wayne, termites” in an average voice and they come running down the stairs.  Of course, he claims I yelled repeatedly but I think mine recall is much more accurate.  So he comes down and proceeds to 1) find the buggers, 2) break out the drywall and 3) soak the wood with so much termite killer that we have to run for the hills for the stench.  The cats were intrigued

DSCN0160 DSCN0161

DSCN0168 DSCN0172 DSCN0175 DSCN0178

Well…there you have it, my poor office is gutted…but I get a contractor!! And not only does he get to fix this room but he gets to fix the hole in the livingroom ceiling from back in 2004 when hubby fell through from the attic (thankfully his leg got caught cause it is a two story livingroom) AND paint the ceiling and walls in that huge room. 

(over 50,000 pictures….can’t find the one needle in the haystack – I will keep looking)

Another thing they get to do is finish the powder room that has been without ANYTHING that makes it a functional bathroom for almost 3 months.     


See, my part is done, we painted….now PUT THE TOILET BACK IN!!!  He is working on it….but is also working 70 hours a week so I can’t be too mad.

Let’s see: 

Then there was Easter….

IMG_3063 IMG_3068 Does my son not look like he belongs in the Nascar circuit????

IMG_3076 IMG_3078 IMG_3087 Yeah…I know.


This is my favorite time of family get togethers, sitting on the porch afterwards and just watching the kids play.


Hubby and my mom

Real life sometimes shows up:


Ben and his girlfriend Brittney (trying to kiss but mom held the camera)


So of course, he threatened to moon me :)

So I will try very hard to update this more often….but stuff happens you know?