Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teen Drama Update

Josh came over twice on Thursday and it was so weird having him ring the doorbell like a regular visitor. He had called around 4 telling me that he wanted to talk but didn’t want to talk to Wayne because he was SURE that Wayne was going to tell him that since he messed up again he was cut off completely. It is really hard to have a conversation with someone who is already so sure of the outcome. I really didn’t think that he was going to show up to talk at all so I was pleasantly surprised that he not only showed up but was willing to listen. He stopped by before dinner at his girlfriend’s house to talk for a little bit but I told him that nothing was going to be solved because dad wasn’t home. He wasn’t happy but I really didn’t care. When he showed up after 8:30 I didn’t really have anything left to say to him so I sat and listened to what he and Wayne talked about. Basically Josh likes the freedom of doing what he wants but misses his family, stability and even some of the rules. Unfortunately, his girlfriend had already arranged for him to stay with her this weekend so instead of deciding to behave and come home, he is staying with her. I told him to bring the house key over Friday morning since he wasn’t coming home – which he didn’t! As a matter of fact, he hasn’t contacted me since then. I have gotten a few texts from Liz but nothing from Josh. I am thinking at this point that I have nothing else to say to him and he can bring me the key and make his own way in the world, especially since I just got a $700 hospital bill for his stupidity and stitches when he was throwing his knife in the air and missed (see in stitches layout if you are interested).

I am NOT a happy momma!

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