Monday, July 13, 2009

Behind the Times

Isn’t the title so terribly true? We all know that I am a sporadic blogger who just isn’t consistent and often miss out on prime blogging opportunities. Now that we have reestablished this, I feel much better catching you up on what is going on in my world.

This month has pretty much flown by and before I am aware, or even ready it is going to be time to say goodbye to one of my sons and watch the other one head off to sophomore year. Since he is in marching band, I lose him to his schedule Aug 4th so these quiet days and occasional mother/son moments will go by the way of the dodo and will have to be scheduled around orthodontist appointments, football games, marching contests, and the standard life of a high school student. Not surprisingly, he is getting antsy to go back to school since there are only so many games of Halo on Xbox live you can play before you just want to hang out with “real friends”.

Josh is going to take his ASVAB pre-test this week and if he does well he will take the actual test next week. I am praying for his success since while I will miss him, it is time to kick the bird from the nest. I know that it has to happen eventually, and I like the concept but I am sure I am going to be missing him dreadfully.

This month has seen the creation of my new AWESOME computer – don’t ask the specs, this is my hubby’s domain but now this thing opens CS4, creates videos, does blinkies in no time…well, I don’t have any more computer problems. Yippie!!

This weekend was an interesting one. We were supposed to go to the Astro’s baseball game on Friday, in style. Hubby’s business contacts have a suite at Minute Maid Park and believe me, it is SWANKY. Good food, alcohol until you don’t feel like drinking and ICE CREAM SUNDAES. (can you see where my priorities lie?). Unfortunately, this contact forgot to call Wayne back so instead of a baseball game hubby and I sat in the same office working on separate computers and vegging out. It seems that hubby’s computer got jealous of mine and stopped working for a few days, frustrating my husband to no end. He finally got it fixed this weekend and is back to speaking in complete sentences.

Saturday hubby and I ran errands, did laundry and I put together the church service for Sunday. Of course, I didn’t attend church Sunday because we went to the Homecoming reunion that our family participates in every year. A group of people in the 1800’s were members of a community church/school and their ancestors come yearly, work on the family cemetery and eat. It was interesting but it was 103 degrees!! This fat body was so not happy and was informing me that I need to lose weight or die of a heart attack and/or heat stroke. Of course this means exercise…I am not happy!

IMG_1541Oldest ChildIMG_1546 Youngest ChildIMG_1552 Family/Community Cemetery

IMG_1575 Boys munching on good food from the potluck.

IMG_1584 Brothers and cousins enjoying the day

IMG_1588 ok – I didn’t start my diet yesterday

IMG_1590 IMG_1601 The boys took the camera and went exploring. And surprisingly, no loss of life and limb from stupidly climbing over barbwire.

While in Giddings we stopped at Uncle Clyde’s property to look at where Wayne spent his summers as a boy. The house is over 100 years old and looks like something out of the little house on the prairie. It is small but has had 3 additions made over the decades including a new kitchen, bedrooms and a walk in pantry. Before the second addition, they were raising ELEVEN kids in this house. Really??? With no air conditioning and a wood stove???? I was not built for that I promise.

IMG_1672 HomesteadIMG_1671The first vehicle that Wayne ever drove, at age 12 or 13

IMG_1696 Yes, they still use the outhouse! (ick)

IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1742 Add on PantryIMG_1751 Smoke houseIMG_1757 yes, they used to cook on this.IMG_1785 Prickly Pear

Before we left Uncle Clyde asked us to go feed the cows. WHAT???? REALLY???? I can’t say I was excited (103 remember) but ok…I’m game (kinda). It was rather interesting and gross…yeah, lots of gross. When we drove up they came running, just like my cats when it is time for dinner. All in all, it was a good weekend.

IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1662 IMG_1657 IMG_1667

This morning I got some bad news. I got fired…well, I guess I got laid off. During this month I signed on as a designer’s Admin Assistant to help her stay organized, run her business and basically be the “do all, catch all” for her business. Her health started to decline so she said she was going to take a break and asked me to wait until she got better. I agreed. This morning I got a rather succinct email telling me that she was done with this business and didn’t need me anymore. She did agree to pay me for my time…but I am kinda..well dazed, upset, hurt….over I guess.

One last piece of information that I get to share with you…I am the head of the Creative Team of the Queen and Princess Designs and we remade the CT blog and it is going to be Awesome. They have some adorable kits and I can’t wait until you get to see them. She just got hired over at DSO or "Digital Scrapbook Obsession" and is opening up at her new store within a month!! Yah.

Ok, I’m gonna assume that no one has read this far but if you did, thanks for sticking with me and I will have more freebies this week.


  1. I just love your ramblings....and I love how many pictures you posted..wonderful.