Sunday, May 3, 2009

NSD Wrap-up

I don't know about you but this weekend has not gone the way I expected it to go. This is my first year of NSD hoopla and I didn't get to enjoy very much of it. If you recall, I did my first (not last, those are FUN) speed scraps at Bouquet of Pixels on Friday and while we had a small daytime turnout, we had a great conversation, I got to spend some time getting to know some more people better and I got another layout done. I used one of my CT kits from Bouquet of Pixels called I Give A Hoot by Inkin Creations. You can find this kit HERE. It is well worth picking up since it is so versitile. Here is the layout I did with it.

Unfortunately, after that was done, my day went downhill quickly. Benjamin overloaded the washing machine and shorted out the timer and started the motor smoking. Wayne tore it apart trying to fix it and since he didn't know exactly how it was supposed to come apart he ended up having to order a $7 part to replace the one he trashed. When he put it back together, he forgot to put in the level switch and despite the fact that there were two teenagers in the area, no one noticed that the washing machine was overflowing all over the floor. It took about 45 minutes to get that cleaned up and the kitchen in some semblance of order.

One thing that I did get done this Scrapbook weekend was to go to all of the stores where I kept my wishlists and purchased those things I really wanted, anywhere from 30 - 50% off their normal prices. I did really well at Pretty Scrappy, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Divine Digital, and Digital Candy. I now have kits coming out of my ears, which will be great if I actually use them. LOL.

I also realized this weekend that I have a number of CT layouts from my different designers that I just haven't put out on my blog. That is unacceptable to me and I am going to fix that. :) It will also keep my daughter in law from emailing me daily asking if I have done any new pages LOL.

I did this layout at Kelly's Speed Scrap last week. I thought it only appropriate that I use one of her kits.

Credits: Black Tie Affair by Late Night Scraps

I was just accepted to another creative team. This one is a little different. A few days ago I posted on my blog about a relatively new designer called The Paper Iris who has only done templates so far and has dozens available in her store and on her blog. She is currently doing a promotion where she is giving away a template a day for the next 75 days. So far all of them have been 2 page templates and I love them. You can go to her blog HERE and start downloading. I do know that she only keeps the templates up until it has been downloaded 100 times then she moves them into her store.

As part of my CT duties, I get to promote her blog (which I visit daily anyway) and can use her templates with any of my other teams as long as I give credit. I think that is MORE than reasonable. I just can't make quick pages with them, so the quick pages you get from me will not be her creations.

Several years ago I was a volunteer in the Sealy Fire Department and I took the boys and my camera down to the station one day when I was not on duty in order to capture these memories.

Credits: Into the Fire by Late Night Scraps; Template by The Paper Iris, Fireman and "When I Grow Up Tag" part of When I Grow Up Kit by Heather Roselli

I found the When I Grow Up kit by Heather Roselli at Digital Candy and had to have it because the kids in the kit were just so doggone cute. While I was looking over all of the pieces looking for the ways I can use it, I was struck by how many things kids say they want to be when they grow up. I remember wanting to be a doctor, police officer and even Wonder Woman. (yeah, I date myself). Anyway, I have been remarkably blessed to have been able to do so many things in my life and I decided to put those feelings down on paper as well.

This layout also qualifies as a Creative Team offering since I used a template by one of my designers Aubrey's Mom Designs. I know that Amy had some trouble with the store that she had just joined since it went out of business shortly after starting due to some personal issues with the owner, but she has found another store and has released several new kits within the last few weeks. Head over to her blog HERE to check them out.

Credits: When I Grow Up Kit by Heather Roselli; Template by Aubrey's Mom Designs

The other two layouts I have to show you are also from the designers I work with (which is why I love being on Creative Teams. I might have mentioned that part once or twice lol)

Lisa Minor just recently released a bright summery kit called Lemon Sunshine and it is such a cheerful palatte that I think everyone needs it, and her store, Scrapdebris, has everything on sale for $1.00 per kit. This is not the NSD sale price, this is the everyday, all day price for all of her kits. I suggest you head over there and pick up a few things.

Credits: Lemon Sunshine by Lisa Minor: Template by Chrissy W.

Finally, I have been taken on by one designer, one that is pretty well known on the Digi-Free circuit since she gives away templates on a pretty regular basis. I have started working with Sweet Tomatoes Designs, working with the new kits that she is putting out as well as utilizing her templates. Since I am using both, I can give away freebies based on the layouts I produce. Tomorrow I am going to put the QP for this layout up as a freebie in hopes that you will help support her new endeavors as well.

Credits: Bouquet Kit and Template by Sweet Tomato Designs

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