Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leaving some Creative Teams

If you have been watching my blog, or my crazy life, you will realize that I am getting busier and busier as school comes closer to an end.  Yes, my kids are teens and yes, Josh is about 14 days away from graduating (Praise God) but I want to be able to stay home with them for the summer and do all of the fun "mom-kid" stuff like go to Galveston, Keemah, Moody Gardens and Schlitterbahn.  Of course, while that means more pictures and blogging it means that I won't be able to be on as many creative teams as in the past.  

That being said, I have dropped two of my store creative teams, Bouquet of Pixels and Digi Scrap Station.  I am keeping Pretty Scrappy since they are both the newest and have some of the most creative designers I have found in one spot.  I so greatly appreciate the opportunities that I was given by both of those stores.

I am happily keeping all of my personal Creative Teams that I have picked up and will continue to work on all of the fun kits that I am priviledged to work with on a monthly basis.

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