Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last night my computer died. Not a happy death either but a "let's crash everyday for a week then finally get around to trying to fix it" died. It took with it my Photoshop, my Outlook, my latest school paper that was due yesterday and my calendar. Thankfully most everything else was moved to the external hard drive. You would think the college educated woman would be saving the paper that was due on an ehd as she was going wouldn't you? That would have been too easy, and much too smart. GRRRRR

This morning I am working my way through 600+ emails (7 days worth), resetting up some of my programs and rewriting a paper. *Hubby just called and he found my old mail and calendar, Thank God!! I was hoping he would rewrite my paper for me as well but no such luck. Downstairs the construction effort has started up again after a very quiet 3-day weekend where we could sleep late and have the house to ourselves - ahh bliss. I will be so glad when it is done.

Oh yeah, the kitten is gone :( He was adorable and I loved him BUT I was getting tired of cleaning up kitten poops wherever he wanted to go, including the middle of my bed. He really was too little to be away from his mommy so I sent him back with Josh to where he came from. His mom ran away from him and his siblings but there is another mom who is letting them nurse and teaching them how to be cats. This works for me. I did get a number of really cute pictures from before he left which I will post when I get my machine back.

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