Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did Ya’ll Miss Me???

I am finally back with a mostly functional computer and let me say that being without a reliable computer really isn’t fun.  As it stands I had to try to boot this one numerous times this morning because it doesn’t automatically find the hard drive and I get a boot disk error.  Hubby was in a meeting so I had to figure it out myself – which took 3x as long as it should have!

Man do I have pictures to show you…We are almost done with the renovations, the contractors only have to come in for touch ups and as Holmes on Holmes says, “the lipstick and mascara”.  Yes, the amount of HGTV watching that is going on in this household is scary.

When I last blogged about the renovations, I was waiting for the contractor to come back in and fix all of the issues with the columns and archway and the John was getting pretty annoyed with his subcontractor at having to redo things all the time.


They took down the columns and reinstalled them, capped them with the WRONG grade of wood (they used paintable instead of stainable), had to purchase a $90 piece of paper thin wood to cover the error, then stained the cap.  Of course part of the touch up is that the arches and columns have a very shiny finish and the fireplace is a mat finish.  And I have no idea how they are going to fix that but that is not my problem.



After that, the tile guys came in and put the tile on the fireplace.  I love how it turned out!

IMG_3544  IMG_3552 IMG_3557 All they had to do was remove the wood pieces, add the wood trim and it would be done.

Then we had a paint issue.  I chose my paint and really loved it but it looked almost identical to the wood…which would really negate the cool effect of the new fireplace you know?

IMG_3559 IMG_3561 IMG_3560

Thankfully Carmen didn’t feel well that day and left around 9:30 so that I had time to take the tile, a stain sample and the sample of the bottom color back to Sherman Williams to choose a different sample.  I taped a 1970’s feel on my wall just to shock the hubby when he got home.  He didn’t think that teal, lime green, hot pink and purple was an appropriate choice.  Apparently, this one was better:


IMG_3568 IMG_3573 IMG_3576 IMG_3577

Now we are back to working on our own stuff and boy did the contractors spoil us.  Lots of things being accomplished with little work being done by me.  Spoiled I tell you.  But we managed to pull out carpet, level the floor and at least get one room full of flooring.  Wayne came home Monday night and we got the library done in just under 3 hours (and since Ben is at camp in CO, I actually had to bust tail, which I still feel today)

IMG_3670 IMG_3673

Putting the last piece in was a real challenge.IMG_3676 IMG_3678

Baseboards are the last piece then touch up the paint and DONE!!!

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