Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For those few of you who actually have my little corner of the world saved, on your Google reader list or just visit occasionally, I am sorry for not updating lately, things have been in yet another state of flux for me. 

I had the opportunity to explore the world of digi scrapbook store ownership, with all the ins and outs and I am hooked.  Now, it fell through at the last minute (yeah that hurt, A LOT) but it made me realize that I am headed in that direction sometime soon!  I am looking for either an established store that is up for grabs or to start something new within the next 6 months.  During that time I am going to concentrate on research, design, scrapping and my family.  I am looking forward to some fun time in there as well.

For those of you who don’t know, I have been accepted as a designer at Pretty Scrappy and should have my first kit up within hours of this post.  I am super excited and can’t wait to see what happens.

sneak peek

In other news, Josh, my eldest who some of you may remember graduated in June, isn’t doing so well on the leaving the nest phase of his life.  About 2 weeks ago he took the ASVAB for joining the Army and didn’t pass the test.  It is sure harder than when I joined the Navy 100 years ago :)  He gets to take it again around the 30th of September but unless he actually picks up the book and studies he isn’t going to pass then either.  Since he will have to wait 6 months before being allowed to take the test again I hope he has other plans because his playing Xbox all day and emptying my kitchen days are quite over thank you very much.

I am almost finished with my first class in my new college and surprisingly I am getting an A.  Doesn’t hurt that this class is basic “what do you want to do when you grow up” but I can always add a 5.0 into my GPA to bring it up from the last school I was at.  It is amazing how much different things are when you are actually interested in the degree program.

Ben, the youngest of the crew, is in marching band again this season and we are scheduled for a football game every weekend from now until mid-November.  God forbid that anyone gets in the way of Texas High School football.  I have to say though, there is a certain trumpet player in the band that is just the cutest ever.  Wanna see?IMG_2059


so, can you tell which one is mine??  I only managed to catch a close up picture of him on his way back from the bathroom.  Oh well, maybe next game.


Ben is the one standing in the front on the 45 yard line.  I love my SLR, I shot this in RAW and when I have a few minutes I am going to zoom in and isolate him.  I can almost see up his nose LOL.

Have an awesome day and I will be back shortly.


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