Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Release…Happy Halloween

I am releasing a new – actually old kit – in my store tomorrow and it is one that you have seen before if you have followed this blog for any period of time.  I had to redo the preview because I realized that my style has changed a lot over the last year.

You can find Happy Haunting and the Happy Haunting Cardstock in my store HERE.  It is on sale for 30% off until Monday.

ESS Happy Haunting Kit

BMD_ESS_PSD_Packaging Happy Haunting Cardstock copy

Things have been abnormally busy around here and I can’t believe all of the tasks that keep piling up on my calendar.  One of my newest things is a cake decorating class that my bff Terry and I are taking and I have actually had a lot of fun.  She knows a lot about me if  she takes me to classes where I can be both creative and messy!!  We are working on flowers and I am finally going to learn how to do the basket weave.  I know, it is crazy but I am actually kind of excited.

Terry, Cherry and I are also working on a really RELEVANT bible study that while it was taped around 10 years ago, God is showing his perfect timing in all of our lives.  We are working on Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself, which is about living in the Spirit and man is the Lord letting me know that I haven’t been doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I love it when He shows me that He loves me.

Oh, if I didn’t tell you…THE CONTRACTORS ARE GONE…FOR GOOD!!!  They finished up last Friday, got their final payment and I don’t have to worry about them waking me up early anymore.  Also the house looks remarkably nice and I am really enjoying spending my time in it. 

We picked up the kitten from the vet’s on Friday.  We finally got him clipped, snipped and shot and it is amazing how much his behavior has changed.  He has settled down so much, doesn’t go out of his way to pick on the other cats and stopped climbing on the curtains.  We also got Nala taken to the vet and her ear mites are now gone.  She is also a much happier cat.

The rest of last weekend was spent painting, sorting through the mess the painter left for us, cleaning up all the laundry in the bedroom and running errands.  So much for a nice relaxing weekend.

Another thing that happened was that Tammy and I released quite a few new items in the Life’s Everyday Moments collection.  Look:

pdc_bmd_lem_basicschool_homeschooling_ess600 pdc_bmd_lem_basicschool_homeschooling_ess600-paperspdc_bmd_lem_homeschooling_bonusextras_ess600pdc_bmd_lem_basicschool_homeschooling_mainpreview-ess600  

You can find it…and all of the other LEM kits HERE.  Tomorrow is also new release day at Enchanted Studio Scraps and there will be more LEM items added.

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