Monday, February 22, 2010


It should not surprise anyone who is a regular reader (Yes Tammy, I know there is only you), that we Southerners from Houston don’t normally see snow.  We are scheduled to have snow for the third time this season.  I don’t even know what to say about that…

I have bible study tonight, after which I am putting gas in the car cause it is well past E then I am hiding in my warm house for the next two days while it supposedly snows.

There is a reason I don’t live in Kansas City you know!!


  1. Uh, thanks. Yes, we frozen Kansas Citians are wishing for warmer weather like you southerners normally have. But I thought I would share some of our wintery weather with you!!!!!!! Enjoy!


  2. Hi Trac, being a Southern, too, we in Virginia have had record breaking snow this Winter. Believe me when I say the two people in all our neighborhood that have a snow-blower were busy little bees! My husband paid a kid $40 to plow our driveway which is a pipe-stem (long driveway) and it's back breaking work to do it with a snow shovel! We were prepared for the snow and stayed nice and cozy with plenty of food and drink! Even our Church had to cancel services, but we were able to worship online with the modern technology of the computer. Thanks for all the cool stuff you and Tammy are making. I love to do layouts, but I'm pretty plain, nothing fancy! I have 6 grandkids that I scrap; almost their every move! Also, thanks for posting my Thank you to you! Love your stuff and I want you and Tammy to keep up the beautiful work!
    Love & Hugs,
    Texan in Virginia

  3. You're not going to get into that snow-a-cane that is coming, are you? Hope not!